John Holt was an ordinary kid from East London with a difference - he was 

outstanding at nearly all sports, but no-one could have dreamed, even John himself how good he would become, eventually an international mega star. But success can cause a lot of jealousy and hatred. Obsession followed John throughout his brief spectacular career... 

The Man Who Killed Sport 

456 Pages of great sport action!

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A great read! The ending will shock!


Well not that soon actually only if by some miracle a publishing person happens to read it and takes it up-but one can dream. You could probably get some great odds against that happening especially when you think what a pigs ear a movie would make of a passage like this:

A page from the book

A page from the book

Interested in how it carries on? Ok this book will never be in line for a film even in the unlikely event that it became a colossal bestseller, but you might enjoy reading it if you like sport. I certainly enjoyed writing it. Unlike my cricket books football and tennis star also here. Why not give it a go? Most novels about sports I've read (I haven't found many) seem to be about business and love tangles. Business and love tangles are in here but it's mostly about sport.