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Do you want an illustrator who can quickly put your ideas into shape?

I am a London based freelance illustrator and fine artist with years of professional experience. I spent a lot of that time in advertising and went on to illustrating children's books which still forms part of my work.

I am used to meeting deadlines, and making changes.

Any ideas you have I’ll take them on and  we just throw the ideas back and forth until you’re OK with it then off we go!. It’s usually sorted with a couple of pencil revisions. If you wanted book illustration as a guide a reasonably straightforward A5 colour page will cost £100 total no other hidden costs. If it is complex add £20. If a maze of complexity then expect a quote.  

I would always need half payment up front. Once quote is given it is only subject to change if you make new changes after the final pencil work has been approved.  (Final pencil work must be OK’d in writing by e-mail)

I really enjoy painting vintage cars-they don’t come cheap-oils as above £250, with your chosen background add £100, watercolour £150 with your chosen background £50. You could be at the wheel of that 1929 racing green Bentley cornering on two wheels round that dusty track! A great very unusual present for any big occasion! Any sporting picture you want can be done with you or your celebration recipient in the picture.

Paintings 20" x 16" approx price does not include post & packing

All the paintings on the site are for sale except where noted

This is my run around town car-when I'm on a long trip I prefer the Rolls

Give me a ring text or e-mail today! Details below. Put your painterly wishes in the safe brushes of Fred Apps and you won't miss out!

Sometimes I like something with a bit of speed-makes a change from the bicycle.

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